We are pleased to announce our newest product, the 9mm Luger with premium steel case and boxer primer. Experience shooting excellence with Magtech Steel, featuring full metal jacket projectiles and zinc-plated steel case. This clean-shooting ammunition elevates training, target shooting, and range sessions to new heights. Magtech Steel delivers reliable and accurate performance. Available in FMJ bullets and 115GR/124GR, this product is encased in stunning zinc-plated steel. Rule the range with confidence.

To access detailed product information, kindly review the product configuration provided below:

115GR:                https://magtechammunition.com/products/ammunition/cart-cbc-9mm-fmj-steel-115gr/

124GR:                https://magtechammunition.com/products/ammunition/cart-cbc-9mm-fmj-steel-124gr/