Magtech® reloading components are made under the same quality standards as our technologically advanced factory loads, resulting in top-quality products that you can depend on.

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Rounds Case
STATEMENT TO THE US MARKET: While Magtech brand primers have not been imported and offered for sale through authorized channels for several years, there are still substantial quantities remaining in reloader’s inventories. It has recently come to our attention that some reloaders are suggesting it is acceptable to use primers with calibers that are not technically compatible, e.g., 9mm Luger/9x19/9mm Parabellum with Small Pistol Magnum or Small Rifle primers. These combinations can produce unreliable and/or unsafe conditions. We strongly suggest that data from an accepted industry source (Hodgdon, Nosler, Hornady, Sierra, CCI etc) be followed precisely when engaged in any reloading activity.

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