There is something special about revolvers. Maybe it’s the cold blue finishes or the rich history, revolvers will always have a place. One of the most iconic revolver chamberings is 44, be it 44 Smith & Wesson Special or 44 Remington Magnum.

The standard bullet for 44 S&W cartridges features exposed lead. Shooters have been asking for a Full Metal Jacket version and Magtech has delivered. These FMJ bullets are the ideal choice for general use and deliver reliable, accurate performance on the range without the bore fouling associated with exposed lead projectiles.

Magtech takes this load one step further by making it low recoil. There is no point in beating yourself up with a heavy-hitting round for general use. So, take out your 44 and give the 44 S&W SPL Low Recoil 240gr FMJ by Magtech a try.

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